OK! Why elders are telling stories to the children’s at night time? Because they want to sleep! And now l’m going to tell a story. It is not a long story! it is a short story, and pleese see it at night while you are going to the bed. l’m going to tell 1 story, that is comedy. Please read it!


One day a woman stood near a bus stand because it is heavy rain. There were no people very ,few vehicles. The woman name is Anny. She tried to call for taxies but she did not get the signal. On that time a black car stood near Anny. She hered a voise in the car. it was the voise who is in the car. The man who is sitting in the car told that come and and sit in the car it is heavy rain fast! Anny sat in the car. After along drive, in the middle of the road she saw that the car going by itself. She scared and shouted but really there was a human. Anny oppend the door and ran away the human in the car tried to say that l amm not a ghost! The human also followed her by running. Anny saw a marriage function Anny ran into the function hall the human also ran there. There were no one in that hall. The hall is full bright lights he that the human told l am not a ghost! Please see me and then Anny was fooled it was a man wearing black dress.


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