German numbers

We know in this website we can learn different languages. Now we are going to learn German! 

Now we are going to learn german numbers it is called as zahlen in German.

Null – 0

Eins – 1

Zwei – 2

Drei – 3

 Vier 4

Finf 5

Sechs 6

Sieben 7

Acht 8

Neun 9

Zehn 10

Ely 11

Alt 12

Zuanzig 20

Dreizig 30

Now we can learn wochen tacre that means week days!

Deri montage        moday

Der bienstag        tuesday

Der miltwach.     Wednesday

Der donnerstag.   Thursday

Der freitag          Friday

Der samstag          Saturday

Der sanntag         Sunday

Can we make sentence?

Hallo! Ich bin simonjwer bust due?           Hello! I am simonjwer you are?

Mein name ist …..                                              My name is…..

Bust du Rajash? Nein ich bin Raghul.        Are you Raghul? No I am Raghul.

We’re bust du?                                                    Who are you?

Dad ist mein famelie. It means, that is my family. Our lesson 1

Vater –  father

Mutter – mother

Broader – brother

Twichster – sister

Kindern – children

Grosheltern – grand parents

Onkel – uncle

Tante – any

Sohn – son

Wasser – water

Frende – friend

Let you make some sentences by yourself from this lessons!

There is one more German grammar please go down and see!

There are some questions down with answers please read that! And l wrote a story read that please!


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