Space facts 

Weird but true

Galileo’s discoveries were not welcomed by the church in 17th century Italy, and he spent the last few year of his life under hose arrest.

Diesel cars are used near radio observatories, as the plugs in prtrol powered car can create radio waves that cover up the ones from space.

The lunar module computer on Apollo 11 had just 71K of mmemory. Some calculators can now store more than 500k.

Woodpeckers delayed a space shuttle launch in 1995 by pecking holes in the fuel tank’s insulating foam. Plastic owls are now used to frighten other birds away. 

Daedalus wouldn’t be able to stop at Barnard’s Star, as to slow down would need as much fuel as to accelerate. So it would just whizz by taking pictures and measurements.

One of mercury’s craters (the Calories basin) is so large that the British isles could fit comfortably into it.

Jupiter is shrinking slightly each year because it is being squeezed by its gravity. The energy prodused means it produses more heat than it get from the sun.


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