It seems we shouldn’t eat the eatables too!

Nowadays, they sell only polished rice and wheat. If you eat rice, mix it up well with vegetables or greens. Also, chew properly. The fibers in the greens slow down the process of mixing of the sugar in the blood. So, what are the food items that a sugar patient can eat?                                                 You (if you are a sugar patient) shouldn’t eat underground vegetables. Particularly potatoes and beetroot. Eat fruits such as apple with its skin, young guava,________ or pomangranate with _______ taste. Drumstick soup is also preferred. Other than banana, mango, _________, eat fruits preferred by the doctor. At night, eat millet 


German numbers

We know in this website we can learn different languages. Now we are going to learn German! 

Now we are going to learn german numbers it is called as zahlen in German.

Null – 0

Eins – 1

Zwei – 2

Drei – 3

 Vier 4

Finf 5

Sechs 6

Sieben 7

Acht 8

Neun 9

Zehn 10

Ely 11

Alt 12

Zuanzig 20

Dreizig 30

Now we can learn wochen tacre that means week days!

Deri montage        moday

Der bienstag        tuesday

Der miltwach.     Wednesday

Der donnerstag.   Thursday

Der freitag          Friday

Der samstag          Saturday

Der sanntag         Sunday

Can we make sentence?

Hallo! Ich bin simonjwer bust due?           Hello! I am simonjwer you are?

Mein name ist …..                                              My name is…..

Bust du Rajash? Nein ich bin Raghul.        Are you Raghul? No I am Raghul.

We’re bust du?                                                    Who are you?

Dad ist mein famelie. It means, that is my family. Our lesson 1

Vater –  father

Mutter – mother

Broader – brother

Twichster – sister

Kindern – children

Grosheltern – grand parents

Onkel – uncle

Tante – any

Sohn – son

Wasser – water

Frende – friend

Let you make some sentences by yourself from this lessons!

There is one more German grammar please go down and see!

There are some questions down with answers please read that! And l wrote a story read that please!

the universe

smallers the universe expand and cools, at 300,000 years, matter as we know it starts to from. The universe is a thausandth of its size today.

Stars and galaxies start to from after about 300,000 years.

At 900,000 years the universe looks much as it does today, if a little bit smaller. Our sun starts to form.


Scientists have detected a faint radio signal, present in any direction they look for it in space. They believe it is a faint glow from the Big Bang’s superhot fireball. It is called the Cosmos background Radiation. 

Weird but true!!

In the bible, Ezekiel seems to describe the appearance of a UFO at least, people think so. He told of a fiery, wheeled object in the sky that shot lightning bolt.

The astronomer who gave the big bang theory its name didn’t support it. He termed it Big Bang as a criticism and was surprised that the name stuck. He believed in the steady state theory.

german grammatic!!

Now l am going to teach German. Now we can start with grammar!!


Ich – I    bin – am   (female) eine – a  

(Male) ein – a  Mann – man  ist – is

There are three atrivals. Thay are;


Eg: die schwester, der Mann. translation: a sister, a man or a brother translation in German der broader.

Can we make sentences?

Mein name ist ….

My name is….

Dad name ist …..

Your name is…..

Ich have ein brother

I have a brother.

Personal information;

Mein name ist ….. Mein studiet in keyandrya vidialya. Ich habe 2 schwester. Mein grosh eltern name ist…. Mein hobby ist playing kiket.

Ein brot 

A bred